I have had a lot of people ask me “what should i carry in an EDC?”.  That is not an easy question to answer because everyone’s situation is different.  Some people only need a pocket size EDC, while others need a 30 pound hiking backpack.

Each person needs to evaluate there situation and determine what it is they need to carry. What do you need around your home? What do you need for your job? What do you need when travelling?

There is a difference between an EDC and a Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag.  An EDC is meant to be just what you use and it be on you everyday.  I can not give a list of every possible item that could be in an EDC.  I will just give you a list of what I carry and why, from my example I hope it will give you an idea of what you want to carry in your EDC.

These items are not in an order of importance, and not all of them are in my EDC pouch, but all these things listed are things I carry.

  1. Wallet.  I always have my ID and any cards that I need with me.  I’m married so I dont have any money in it.
  2. A survival card.  I have not used it, but its there “just in case”. i keep it in my wallet.
    survival card
  3. Small note pad. It is easier and faster sometimes than making a note in my phone.  There are times you may need to write something down and give it to someone.
    note pad
  4. Pens. There are always times you need to write down something. I always carry at least 2 pens.
  5. Keys. I cant stand being locked out. So I always have my house keys, work keys, and car keys, any others I need.
  6. Multi Tool. I prefer Gerber, in my experience they have held up the best to my abuse.  Mine is not exactly like the one below, I changed the tools in it with some of the tools from the tool I had before to customize it for my needs.  I did start with this model.
    gerber MP600
  7. Flash drive. I carry a 32GB flash drive with me all the time. I have copies of documents I may need.  I have Backup copies of files for my business, and I have backup copies of needed documents for my job.
    flash drive
  8. Coins. I always have a few dollars in coins.  I was always told to keep some coins for a pay phone, but now pay phones are almost non-existent.  So I keep some coins on me for the vending machines.
  9. Cell phone.  Need I say any more?
  10. Phone charger.  I have a large screen smart phone so I carry a charger.  The charger that came with my phone is one of the small cube USB types.  It easily fits in my EDC pouch.
  11. Ear phones.  These work with my phone so I can be hands free to talk, or listen to music or podcast when working.
    ear phones
  12. EDC pouch. I am able to fit all the items in this list into the pouch below after I made some modifications to it for my needs. The whole purpose of an EDC is that it is customized to your needs.
    EDC pouch
  13. Pocket knife. I use my pocket knife everyday.  For me it is my most used and valued tool. I prefer a partially serrated blade, spring assist open, ambidextrous thumb screw, liner locker, glass breaker, and seat belt cutter.
    pocket knife
  14. Knife sharpener.  I carry the Lansky Blade Medic.  I chose this sharpener because it can sharpen the serrated part of my blade.
    lansky blade medic
  15. Lighter.  I carry a small Peanut lighter because I dont use a lighter much, but “just in case”. My preferred lighter brand is Zippo, but i do not have a need to carry one with me all the time.  This peanut lighter is smaller and lighter and works for my seldom use.
    peanut lighter
  16. CPR mask.  I am CPR trained so I carry a disposable mask with me.
    cpr mask
  17. Band aids.  I keep a few kinds of band aids with my for minor injuries.
  18. First aid Cream.  When you use a band aid you will most likely need some first aid cream. I carry a few small packages with me.
    first aid cream
  19. Burn Cream. Some times I work around hot parts, so I carry some burn cream packets.
    burn cream
  20. Vinyl gloves.  I carry 2 pair of vinyl gloves in a little bag  because I am a first responder at work .  I use latex free vinyl gloves so I do not cause a reaction if someone has a latex allergy.
    vinyl gloves
  21. Tylenol. I carry about 10 Tylenol in a little bag with me for everyday pains.
  22. Tums. I carry about 10 Tums in a little bag with me.
  23. Flashlight. I carry a small flashlight all the time.  It is probably my most used tool.
    mag light
  24. Batteries.  I hate to have a dead flashlight when I need to use it. I carry 2 AA batteries in a little bag for my flashlight.
    AA batteries
  25. Hand sanitizer. I carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer for cleaning around a wound, or times I may not be able to wash my hands right away.
    Hand sanitizer
  26. Tweezers.  I carry tweezers because it is very common to get a sliver where I work. I carry these 2 point styles because sometimes one point style will not get the job done.
  27. Nail clippers.  I carry nail clippers because it is an annoyance to me when I have long or broken nails that catch on things.
    nail clippersThese are the things that I carry in my EDC.  It is up to you what you carry in yours.  The most dangerous tool I carry is a knife because I do not go into places that I believe I need to carry a tool such as a pistol.  For some of you this may be a tool that you feel you need to carry.  Or maybe you need to carry a canteen because of your area your area of work, I do not need to because most places I go have drinking fountains or I have water in my car.Evaluate your daily life and put together your EDC, never be afraid to customize what you carry and if your situations change then change the items in your EDC.

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