DIY Solar Panels

A few years ago I started building my own solar panel and battery system.  I am in the Process of updating all the Instructables pages that I made showing the tools and process I used to build my setup.  The main point of this website is to have a common sense approach about anything that relates to being off the grid, or even on the grid. With that kind of thinking in mind i came up with my instructables for building a backup or off grid power system that I have used during power outages or when I am working in the garage.  I tried to make it as understandable as possible for everyone.

My disclaimer is, BE CAREFUL!! Tools and materials can be sharp, hot, cold, heavy, or any other form that can hurt your body.  If you are unsure about something, find some one that can help you.

This week I updated the first Instrubtable I made for building a solar panel.  This first one is how to solder solar cells together.  Later there are more Instructables for assembling the cells inside a panel, but please wait to check those out until I have updated them and posted them on here.

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Here is the link to the instructables page,