When The Fault Breaks

when the fault breaks

This book is no longer available for free on this site.  It is now available on Kindle at the link below.

Amazon Kindle Edition

         I am happy to be posting a book, as a PDF file, that a friend of mine has written.  The photo above is of my friend overlooking the Gilky Trench in Alaska.

This is the first of what I hope is many writings my friend post to this site.  Below is the introduction of the book.



This pseudo-science fiction story is a blend of known geologic processes, and predictable behavior by a population in the aftermath of a massive unpredicted catastrophic mega-geologic occurrence. It is based on known societal behavior from past
epoch incidents in modern times, and how humanity reacted to those events. The geologic phenomenons depicted have been kept as accurate as possible though some minor writer’s liberty has been taken.

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