This page will be a list of items that I recommend to use in your off grid life. This page will always be under construction so come back often to see whats new!


Gift Cards,

If you need items or some one you know needs items, I recommend Amazon because they have everything.

amazon gift card





Sawyer water filter


Aquamira Water Purification Tablets

water purification tablets









Everyone needs a good Multi-Tool.

Gerber MP600

gerber mp600








I only trust Zippo lighters.

zippo lighter


Wetfire are individually packaged tinder starters, will even burn when wet.



Ferro rod and striker fire sparker. Also has a compass and whistle.

fire sparker


Storm proof match kit.  These will burn better than regular matches in bad weather.

stormproof matches


Magnesium bar with ferro rod and srtiker.

mag bar


Pre Made BOB

1 person 72 hour bag.

1 person bob

2 person 72 hour bag.



4 Person 72 hour bag

4 person bob