Wallet Survival Kit

You may have seen the last post about my friend that put together a Emergency Survival Starter Kit. Well this friend is at it again!  This time he has put together another 4 piece kit, but this one will fit in your pocket!  It will only be sold on Amazon, just like the first kit. Lets take a look at it……


This is the 4 pieces in the kit.

Starting with the top left we have a Credit Card Knife.

The blade is made of stainless steel, the handle is made of a strong plastic.   To use the knife you turn the blade lock, in the upper left corner, to the unlock position.  Next fold the blade out 180 degrees.  Then you fold the smaller flap over, bottom left with studs. And finally fold the large flap, top right with holes, over and snap the studs into the holes.  To put the knife back into the stored position simply reverse the above process.


Next in the top left is a 11-in-1 multi tool.

This tool comes with a card the explains what each of the 11 tools are.  I believe there are more uses for this card then 11, it comes in very handy in so many situations.  Some of the features are a small saw blade, knife blade, bottle opener, ruler, and can opener just to name a few. You can see in the picture that this card is also made of stainless steel so it wont rust.


Continuing clockwise to the bottom right is a Fresnel Lens.

  A Fresnel Lens is a type magnifying lens.  It can be used for reading small text like any other magnifying glass, but it was included in this kit because it is a great fire starter! If it is held above some dry materials so that the sun is focused into a small dot on the material it can heat it up until it begins to burn.  This lens is made from strong flexible plastic.


And the last component in the bottom right, a 22-in-1 survival card.

 There are a lot more than 22 uses for this card, but that is what it is called.  This card is also made of stainless steel.  To use these items you break them off the card.  The first thing that stands out is the arrow head.  If you are lost in the wild you may not be making a bow and arrow, but with this arrow head you can make a small spear.  Next to the  arrow head is another type of spear or arrow point for small game. Both of these spear/arrow points sit inside of another spear point, it is a trident spear point.  Connected to the small game point are 2 small needles.

There are an assortment of single and double fish hooks around the card.  The ovals on  the right half of the card can be used for fishing lures, they are also useful as snare locks.  The last items are the saw blades, course and fine tooth.


I hope that you find this kit useful, it would also make a great gift for others! I keep one in my wallet, and one in each of my cars.

You can follow the link above or you can use then link HERE.